HealthFirst Rehab & Wellness, LLC


Auto Accidents and Injuries

We accept all patients that have been involved in a car accident. If you already have an attorney, we gladly work with most attorneys around the Atlanta area.   If you do not have attorney, we can help you locate an attorney that will represent you and make sure your bills are paid.

If you were involved in a car accident, it is important to get evaluated by a trained physician as soon as possible.  Please call our office today to schedule an appointment for a free consultation with the doctor.

Adjustments and Physical Therapy

A significant portion of our work is adjusting the injured areas of the body. These adjustments are the minor movement of vertebrae in the spine. Our objective in performing adjustments is to realign vertebrae that have moved out of place for any number of reasons ranging from normal daily activity to trauma such as a car accident.

When your vertebrae are out of place, it has an overall negative systemic effect from the muscular to the central nervous system. Without proper alignment our bodies cannot support proper communication of brain functions through our nerves to our other bodily systems, causing us to perform at less than our peak potential.

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